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This feature was introduced by means of "Ley 14/2013, de 27 de septiembre, de apoyo a los emprendedores y su internacionalización."

Its success deems, mostly, from the fact the Golden Visa applicant does not need to have its residence in Spain during six months in a row. Proving the entrance into the country once a year is enough.

It allows the applicant to get its residence permit in Spain by purchasing property. Its price must be at least of FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND EUROS. This is one of the options of the Golden Visa.

Another option is to underwrite Spanish public debt. In this case the Golden Visa calls for a minimum purchase value of TWO MILLION EUROS. As a special formal requirement, it is necessary to supply a certificate issued by a financial entity authorized to trade with such product or else by the "Banco de España". Such certificate must contain a statement as per which the Golden Visa applicant is the only owner of said investment during at least, five years.

There is also the possibility to underwrite Spanish companies stakes, in which case the minimum amount of the investment should be of ONE MILLION EUROS. In this case the specific requirement is a certificate issued by a financial broker or financial entity authorized by the CNMV.

On the same token it is feasible to apply for the Golden Visa by making bank deposits in Spanish banks. In this case the minimum amount is of ONE MILLION EUROS. Together with the application it will be required a certificate by the bank stating that the applicant is the only owner of said deposit and, moreover, that such deposit has been opened within sixty days prior to the Golden Visa application filing.

In general terms and as a common ground to the before mentioned scenarios, the applicant must have a nationality of a non EU country. In any case, it is convenient to count on the counsel of specialized Golden Visa lawyers to coordinate the whole process. The permit will be filed before the immigration authorities. Once they checked that all necessary requirements are met, the procedure will kick off. The request must be done by way of a specific form. Moreover, the applicant cannot be in Spain irregularly, nor have been previously rejected. A criminal record history and medical insurance will also be necessary. The Golden Visa applicant may not be suffering from any dangerous illness for the Spanish community.

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